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   Van Marcke is a nationwide distributor of bathrooms, wellness equipment, kitchens, sanitary equipment & fittings and heating & air-conditioning technology.
   Van Marcke runs a variety of different store concepts:

Van Marcke also offers professional fitters a full range of professional services

   The store that offers tailored service and inspiration, suited to every budget.
   The Van Marcke Inspirations shop showcases particularly inspiring bathroom and kitchen set-ups and configurations, in accordance with the most contemporary home interior design trends. You will also find a complement of different wellness systems that bring the beneficent spa experience into the privacy of your home. At the Inspirations shop’s Big Blue Point, visitors will find comprehensive information on water-saving technologies and low-energy heating installations. Home interior designers and Big Blue Point planners are on hand to give you every assistance with full information and guidance to help you make the right choices for your purchases.
   Saniland is tantamount with choosing, buying and taking home.
   At this Van Marcke specialist self-service shop, you can buy and take home full bathrooms as well as separate / standalone bathroom elements. In addition, Saniland store is home to a Help&Install department that has all the right answers to your technical questions and is available to assist you in getting in the right installation materials and tools.
   Energy-efficient solutions for heating and water
   Big Blue is Van Marcke’s unique expertise centre based in Zaventem, where visitors are shown how to set up energy solutions in their own home in a way that is methodical and modular, making sure you use less water and less energy. 
   At Big Blue, you get to learn, choose, buy and ask to have equipment fitted for you.