Our online bank

Izola Bank has grown steadily over the last 21 years of operation, gaining a firm reputation for delivering a reliable and efficient service and for adding real value to customers’ businesses as well as individuals looking for more flexible saving options.

Within the rapidly changing sector of online banks, Izola Bank remains committed to being at the forefront of product development, using appropriate technology alongside customer feedback to deliver business and consumer driven products, that are relevant and beneficial for its customers.

Izola Bank will never replace a customer’s principal bank, however its simple and straightforward products offer added benefits, which complement customers’ day-to-day banking needs.

Izola PRO

Izola Bank has been providing services to Van Marcke’s professional client base for many years. This has given the bank the opportunity to deliver very tailored products that suit the requirements of the professional working in the sanitary world. Izola Pro provides a range of services that enable businesses to save money and borrow money depending on what they need. As well as offering prompt payment discounts for goods bought from Van Marcke, Izola Pro also offers overdrafts*, credit cards*, short term loans* and payment transfers. It also provides attractive interest rates on both current and savings accounts.

Applying for Izola Pro is simple and once the application has been accepted, customers can enjoy access to Izola Pro’s online banking, giving them the freedom to monitor and manage their accounts from anywhere and at any time of day. All online banking logins and transaction approvals require a one-timepassword (OTP) which are generated via the specially developed Izola Pass token generator app.

Great benefits for your business

  • 24/7 Online banking platform
  • Enjoy up to a 3%** discount for prompt payment when you pay for your purchases from Van Marcke using your Pro Account
  • Payment transfers
  • Competitive interest rates on current, savings and term deposits
  • Overdraft facility*
  • €12,000 Silver and €25,000 Gold Credit Cards*
  • Short term loans*

* Terms & conditions apply.
** The maximum 3% discount is reviewed annually and may be changed at Van Marcke’s sole discretion. You will be advised in advance of any changes that will take effect from the following 1st of March.

Izola Factor

Izola Factor is a good business solution for customers who find themselves with liquidity issues due to waiting too long to receive payments from their clients. Izola Factor customers can “sell” outstanding invoices of an approved debtor to Izola Bank and immediately receive an advance of 90% of the amount that is owed to them. Izola Bank then provides the follow-up and collection of all of the accounts receivable from these approved debtors, and also offers 100% protection against bad debts. Izola Bank currently offers factoring services to the business market in Belgium, with further plans to launch the Izola Factor platform in other markets.

Izola Saver

When it comes to personal savings accounts, Izola Bank identified the need to deliver a product that could help customers balance their savings and overall lifestyles. A savings account that offered attractive interest rates, but wouldn’t lock money in and make it inaccessible.

Izola Saver delivers the best of both worlds. The ease of opening an online savings account with as little as €25, the benefit of a good rate and the freedom to add or withdraw funds for when opportunities in life arise. Izola Saver also comes with an app that can work on all platforms, giving customers the advantage of managing their funds whilst on the move.

Izola Saver customers can also open an Izola Saver+ account which is a term deposit account. Deposits start from just €500 with the option to lock money in against a better rate, for periods ranging from as little as 3 months to 5 years.