After-sales service and logistics

You can rely on your orders getting our fullest attention. Do not hesitate to ask for deliveries to be mutually co-ordinated - even if large and complex construction projects are involved.

After-sales service

The relationship with our professional customers and fitters/installation contractors does not stop once an order has been delivered.

We place a premium on satisfied customers, so we go the extra mile to answer all your technical questions as fully as possible. We are there to help you as quickly as we can through our  regional points of sale.

Your regionale representative is your dedicated personal contact. He knows your file and understands the needs of your clientele.

   Maintenance & repairs

Van Marcke’s high-quality service also involves a reliable after-sales service. Our technical experts handle the maintenance and all repairs of our products and exclusive brands.

   Order follow-up & technical support

Finally, we also run a service that follows up on all your questions by telephone, fax or e-mail. Our Contact Centers not only takes care of your quotes, orders and deliveries, it also provides technical support and deals with any complaints you might have.

   Water treatment

Our specialist water treatment department helps you to maintain optimum water quality. In doing so, we act to prolong the service life of all our products and installations.