Distribution & Sales

Various formulas for buying our products: self-service, showrooms, online ordering, contact, ordering and follow-up by fax or telephone, ...
We offer various options to enable you to purchase our products. And thanks to our highly efficient distribution system, our delivery times are as short as possible.

Distribution and Sales

Various formulas to buy our products: self-service, showrooms, ordering online, contact, order and follow-up by fax or telephone,...

Wherever you are in the Netherlands, Van Marcke makes sure your products are delivered to the right place at all times. We are present almost everywhere, every hour of the day. Thanks to our efficient distribution system, our stocks are constantly replenished.

   A service close to you, through several channels

To make your work easier, Van Marcke offers a variety of different solutions to deliver its products to you. From self-service to online ordering, we have thought of everything to enable you to order products:

  •        Our extensive network of Van Marcke Technics self-service stores offers a wide choice of products for sanitary and heating equipment, installation materials, spare parts and tools
  •        Our showrooms, the Van Marcke Inspirations, are display cases for bathrooms, wellness installations, kitchens and heating installations. In each case we present them in a different setting, exuding a specific atmosphere. Enabling you to draw inspiration to your heart´s content.
  •        Our Van Marcke Blue online shop
  •        Our local contact centers administer and follow up your orders and deliveries.
  •        Our Big Blue expertise centre for green energy, where you can learn everything about green products, and choose the product you want to purchase and fit.

   An optimised distribution network

Van Marcke is number one player on the Belgian market, and number five in Europe for the distribution of water management and heating solutions for homes.

Our greatest strength lies in our unrelenting efforts to constantly improve our distribution network for you as a fitter.

Whichever product line you need...

  •        bathrooms, wellness and sanitary equipment
  •        central heating and cooling
  •        fully-equipped kitchens
  •        water treatment and rainwater recovery

...our purchasing managers do everything in their power to find the most efficient and most modern solutions in sanitary equipment, heating and kitchens. Always seeking out best value for money.

Moreover, our very own haulage firms TIN and JIT, make deliveries to our points of sale. Our stocks are replenished through our central Kortrijk-based warehouse.