Feasible energy-friendly solutions for heat and water

Big Blue is Van Marcke’s unique information, sales and expertise centre. It brings together all the knowhow and players concerned with feasible energy-friendly solutions for heat and water.

We provide consumers and professionals with accurate, concrete and clear information as well as personal assistance.

You come to Big Blue to learn, to choose, to purchase and to decide on installation.

As you would expect, the Big Blue building is a textbook example of energy-conscious renovation: the information, sales and expertise centre is a former industrial warehouse of 1,200m², converted into a CO2-neutral building.

All the energy required for the heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting comes from solar power and biomass. The water supply comes from a unit that collects and filters rainwater from our roof.

The sustainable design consultancy, FutureProofed, run by the Flemish Climate Ambassador, Serge De Gheldere, played a big part in this conversion. It therefore comes with a climate guarantee, as Serge De Gheldere was personally trained by Al Gore.

We will shortly formalise this guarantee with the award of the 'Passive House Certificate'.